Nomad PHP

Nomad PHP is a community for Senior PHP developers and those who are working to become one. We offer twice monthly sessions culled from the best conferences sessions presented around the world. Join us, start your habit of continuous learning today.

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Nomad Mage

Nomad Mage helps senior Magento developers stay on the cutting edge and those working to become senior Magento developers achieve their goal. Our sessions are taught by the best of the best. Join Nomad Mage today and light the fuse on your career.

Join us for the next meeting – start your habit of continuous learning.

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Day Camp 4 Developers

Day Camp 4 Developers is a one-day, on-line conference for senior level PHP developers. We tackle the tough issues like API design, security, and testing. Each DC4D is focused on a single topic and dives deep with five experts selected to challenge even the most senior developers. Invest a day in your career, attend the next Day Camp 4 Developers session.

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Voices of the ElePHPant

The PHP community is full of hidden gems. People that are quietly working to build the next big thing in PHP, or working as part of a team managing an application written in PHP. No matter the story, we bring them to you. From the famous to the soon-to-be-famous, we bring you the stories of the people that are making the PHP community special.

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EICC, Inc. is the brainchild of the husband and wife team of Cal Evans and Kathy Evans. Together they have over 30 years of web site design and development experience.